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Renewal of the Aalst Police Department’s ANPR Network

Trusted partnership to

Increase safety in the public area

For years, Tein Technology has forged a trusted partnership with the Aalst Police Department.

Each site will consist of enough cameras to automatically read the license plates of vehicles on all lanes and transmit them to the Security Center platform where our self-developed ANPR module will be responsible for processing the data.

Essentially, these cameras will be used for license plate recognition and vehicle identification. The desired software module must be able to process black- and whitelists and generate alarms if a signaled license plate passes the ANPR camera.

Tein Technology is responsible for supplying, configuring and installing the entire system.

Renewal of the ANPR network

The Aalst Local Police wishes to renew its existing ANPR sites and integrate them into the existing VMS for local processing of the images. The data from these ANPR cameras will eventually be streamed towards the federal ANPR platform.

Secure transmission of imagery

The ANPR data is fed to the VMS via leased Proximus lines.

Multiple possibilities

Now the additional date is processed through the central Security Center platform, allowing officers in
the control room access ANPR data on top of CCTV images during interventions.

We’re proud of this next chapter in a long-standing partnership for public safety, and of our teams who brought this project to fruition.

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