Showing the Fascinating Future of Control Room Environments

Launching our brand-new Experience Room

Tein Technology’s take on

What’s next in the world of mission-critical technology

What happens when you merge cutting-edge technology with visionary solutions for mission-critical environments? Tein Technology has created a fully-immersive Experience Room.

This first-of-its-kind showroom demonstrates the true potential of integrated technology for control rooms and brings to life Tein Technology’s vision of the control room of the future.

The project has been created in close collaboration with our trusted partners, and the result is a leap into the future of technology integration.

Strong focus on the operator

From the public domain to the most complex industrial supply chains, control rooms are the neural center that enables operational excellence, increases efficiency, and boosts user safety.

At the center of this high-intensity workstation is the operator. They monitor and control an environment of complex systems, navigating multiple software applications through advanced operational workspace software.

This advanced technology minimizes the need and presence of external hardware such as keyboards, mice, and phones, enhancing the operators’ focus.

“Control rooms of the future will be operator-centric and designed in the spirit of less-is-more.

That’s why our Experience Room isn’t solely equipped with the best of the best in technological soft- and hardware.

We’ve also invested in integration and inter-operability, which increases operators’ focus and efficiency, resulting in a safer user-environment”

Gert De Meyer – General Manager Tein Technology

Leading by combining the best in tech

With technology evolving at the speed of light, the opportunities for control rooms are skyrocketing in detail and precision.

Now more than ever, control rooms are the beating heart of a wide range of operations.

By integrating advanced technologies such as video management and voice communications with high-end automation and visualization tools – creating one intuitive, one user-centric platform – there’s no limit to what can be achieved.

“Thanks to our trusted partners’ technology combined with the integration capabilities of Tein Technology, we are able to deliver a one-of-a-kind set-up here.

Clients can experience control room solutions like never before, supported by the latest technology and brought to life by tailored mission-critical scenarios. There’s nothing like it in our industry today.”

Gert De Meyer – General Manager Tein Technology

Close collaboration with partners

For the realization of the Experience Room, Tein Technology turned to long-standing partners like Samsung (videowall), Barco (operational visualization tools), Creon (control room desks), and Waldmann (human-centric lighting).

Now, it’s your turn…

The Experience Room opens today. Clients can book their session online and witness the extensive possibilities of this immersive control room firsthand.

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