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Expansion of Klein-Brabant Police Department’s CCTV Network

Trusted partnership to

Increase safety in the public area

For years, Tein Technology has forged a trusted partnership with the Klein-Brabant Police Department, active in both Bornem and Puurs-Sint-Amands (Antwerp province).

Both municipalities decided to install additional cameras in their CCTV network.

The objective: increase the coverage of blind spots, and subsequently safety, in their surveillance.

This additional batch of cameras is linked to the Police Department’s central video management system (VMS). There’s now a constant eye on higher-risk locations prone to nuisance.

Renewal and expansion of CCTV network

In the past couple of months, our teams have installed an additional 14 cameras in Bornem, and 20 extra cameras on the Puurs-Sint-Amands territory.

A part of the network has been renewed, and we installed an additional recording server to process and record additional video materials.

Secure transmission of imagery

In some areas, the CCTV footage is fed to the VMS via the fiber network.

In areas where this isn’t yet possible, transmission travels from wireless point-to-point antennas.

Both methods ensure a safe and secure passage of images and videos. The set-up is provided by our technicians.

Multiple possibilities

Now the additional video images are processed through the central Genetec VMS platform, allowing officers in
the control room access proactively, retroactively (for investigations), and interactively during interventions.

We’re proud of this next chapter in a long-standing partnership for public safety, and of our teams who brought this project to fruition.

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