Exclusive: Real-time connection between

Ninove Police department’s video management system (VMS) and Federal Police emergency dispatch control room

First-of-its-kind VMS connection

Improving police respons to real-time incidents

You might have caught it in the news last week: Ninove Police Department’s première on the public security front.

Ninove is proudly pioneering this digital fusion by becoming the first police department in the country to link its VMS to the Federal Police’s emergency room dispatch control room.

The real-time connection between the two systems allows local and federal police to decrease response times to incidents in the public domain.

Tein Technology was responsible for both the installation of the camera system and its real-time connection with the Federal Police’s emergency dispatch services.

A long-standing partnership in public safety

For years now, Tein Technology and the Ninove Police Department (PD) have joined forces to improve public safety in the municipality.

Our teams have installed over 40 strategically located cameras, which are all linked to the police department’s control room.

In addition to that, our expert technicians are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the high-performing VMS, ensuring flawless operations, and full visual back-up for officers on site.

Next-level in swift response and increased safety

Last month we tailored a groundbreaking functionality for the VMS. Local law enforcement control rooms have incidents visualized onto their screens, but now they can share the video content with the Federal Police emergency dispatch control room – in real time.

By doing so, they can work together closely to manage incidents as they happen, guaranteeing quicker response times, and a more tailored approach to every incident in the public domain.

This pilot project is a first in the country and will allow law enforcement to boost collaboration and improve their reaction to a multitude of incidents.

Tein Technology: Partner in innovative public safety technology

From the installation of the current VMS to establishing the real-time digital connection between the two law enforcement entities, our Tein experts made sure the job was done with the best possible equipment and tailored to clients’ expectations.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of new, innovative public safety solutions using the best in mission-critical technology.

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