How technology boosts efficiency in trading rooms

Tech & Financial Trading Event 2023

Insights of the Day

Turn your trading floor workflow into an efficient gem, with the help of the right technology.

During our Tech & Financial Trading Event, you’ll get to know Tein Technology’s comprehensive take on the trading room of the future, including:

✅ Visualisation solutions by WEYTEC

✅ Ergonomic workplaces by Brand Control Room

✅ Voice trading solution by Beanfield

✅ All combined with Tein Technology’s integrated architecture for maximum efficiency and a customised experience.

What to expect

Experience a future-forward way of working for trading floors: clean desk, one keyboard with one mouse, ergonomic, hyper-efficient, and fully equipped for remote or hybrid working.

What’s on the programme

Visualisation Solutions by WEYTEC

WEYTEC’s experts unlock the full potential of their high-tech trading room solutions. Let your traders take the lead with the leading visualisation solution for traders:

Ergonomic workplace – Brand Control Room

Marrieke Van Geel from Brand Control Rooms introduces you to the ergonomic dealmaking trading room of the future:

Voice trading solutions by Beanfield

Beanfield professionals explore the world of their fully-hosted, all-in-one communications system for financial trading environments:

Integration by Tein Technology

Tein Technology’s solution architects guide you into a world of technological integration, boosting your trading room efficiency:

✅ Collaborative and flexible workplaces for financial trading rooms.

✅ Flexible visualisation technology, scalable to meet your requirements.

✅ Multiple sources with one keyboard, one mouse – maximum impact with clean-desk, user-oriented technology.

✅ What is ergonomics exactly?

✅ How to optimise your trading room’s interior design for maximum efficiency and well-being.

✅ How to integrate ergonomics in your trading room environment.

✅ Combine technology with your workplace needs.

✅ Experience next-level versatility: connect from everywhere and trade from anywhere with Beanfield’s Hosted Turrest, designed for traders

✅ Discover Beanfield’s powerful hard or soft trader turrets with flexible configuration options, and the most compact portable design on the market today.

✅ Integrate the best technology into one trading room platform.

✅ Shape your trading room technology to meet your operational needs fully.

✅ Experience the benefits of seamlessly integrated, future-forward solutions, perfectly tailored to your trading floor.


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Tech & Financial Trading Event 2023

Practical information


April 13, 2023
Start: 15h00 – End: 19h00


Tein Technology Amstelveen Office
Prof. J.H. Bavincklaan 2-4
1183 AT Amstelveen
The Netherlands

For whom?

A select group of professionals in the financial industry (Benelux region) Max. 30 participants

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