Situational Awareness

More efficient control room operations during calamities

Enhancing Efficiency Through Higher Level Situational Awareness

Situational awareness plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficient and effective responses to calamities in the high-pressure environment of control rooms. By integrating an advanced situational awareness strategy, control room operators boost efficiency, safety, and decision-making.

Control room operators, the backbone of crisis management, must process vast amounts of information quickly to make informed decisions.

Situational awareness streamlines this process by providing a comprehensive view of the situation, collecting all the relevant available data, and combining it into one easy-to-analyse visualization, empowering operators to act swiftly and effectively.

Example: Search and Rescue Operations at sea

Now, let’s think of a situation at sea where someone has been cast overboard in a storm. During search and rescue operations, time is of the essence. Ideally the operator wants to have all relevant information at the time of the call or at the start of every next action.

  • Which ship launched the call (dimensions, owner, route, speed, …)?
  • Where is the ship?
  • Which ships are nearby and should be informed/involved?
  • Which family member should be contacted?
  • Life and predicted weather conditions at the location of the incident?
  • Ongoing or planned activities at sea (diving exercises, drone flights, restricted areas, windmills, …)?
  • Is a helicopter/ship available and can the operator book it?
  • Where to look for the person at time of arrival (based on drift models)?
  • Which hospitals in the area have a helicopter platform?
  • Live feeds from drones and helicopters

The above information is automatically made available on the map and accessible for the operator. When the radio call comes in, a marker is blinking on the map and clicking the icon shows, real-time, all the information of the ship.

When the helicopter is airborne, it is not only visible on the same map, but the operator can also communicate via a click on the helicopter icon. When the missing person is found, the operator can see the hospitals in the region on the map and clicking allows him to launch a communication to inform them about the arriving patient.

In parallel, all involved stakeholders, will automatically be informed about the actual status of the SAR operation because the Incident Management Platform will push the requested and filtered information (eg. man overboard, helicopter airborne, person found, person in hospital) to them.

Tein Technology Wow-Factor: Increasing Situational Awareness

Imagine a scenario where an incident occurs. In traditional settings, operators scramble to gather all local relevant information, a process that can be time-consuming and fraught with potential for oversight. But what if we could change that narrative?

Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the control room experience. We envision a future where, at the onset of an incident, all (integrated external data sources) pertinent information is automatically visualized for the operator. No more frantic searching, no more piecing together disparate data. Instead, operators are immediately presented with a comprehensive overview of the situation.

This immediate access to information is not just about speed, but also about empowering operators to make the most appropriate decisions. By having all the necessary data at their fingertips, operators can respond to incidents more efficiently and effectively, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

This is our commitment – to harness the power of technology and information in a way that enhances response times, optimizes decision-making, and ultimately, improves the safety and security of our operations.

Our dynamic visualisation technology combines disparate data sources into a single, intuitive interface. It transforms how operators perceive and respond to emergencies, making the process efficient and remarkably insightful.”

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