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Looking for a challenging job as a Project Engineer, which allows you to really make your mark? We suggest you listen to Toon first, one of our Project Engineers currently working with us at Tein Technology.

Let him tell you what the job is all about. After all, who better than one of your future co-workers to give you a peek behind the scenes?

Ready? Read up on what to expect working as a Tein Technology Project Engineer!

“When a project is sold, it’s up to me!” Toon starts. “First, I sit down with the client to determine their operational requirements. This is a critical phase because, often, the procurement was carried out by a separate team within their organization.”

“I put these requirements in a report, the requirements analysis, which I validate with the client. After that, I set up a pilot installation in our lab or on-site. I check with the client to see whether the pilot fully mirrors their expectations – whether it’s a voice or a video system.”

“If further modifications are required, I integrate them into the plan. When everything is validated, I supervise the installation on-site and provide technical support to our sub-contractors where necessary,” Toon adds.

“From the technical blueprint based on clients’ requirements to set-up and testing, and following-up on the technical part throughout the project realization: there’s never a dull moment!”

Let’s take a closer look at what a typical work-day for Toon entails. What does a Project Engineer get to do after finishing his morning coffee?

“Well, it all depends on the project at hand. It’s very versatile,” Toon explains. “One week, you’ll be performing analyses most of the day, while the next, you’ll mainly focus on the implementation part. My job is highly project-driven.”

“Most of the time, I work autonomously. But that doesn’t mean this is a lonely job! There’s lots of finetuning with clients and co-workers involved. I like it that way. I can structure my days in a manner that best suits me, as long as my project is perfectly managed!”

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