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Tein Technology wins Salzinnes lock project, making walloon waterways safer

The Salzinnes lock project: making Walloon waterways safer The SPW (Service Public de Wallonie) is the entity responsible for the Walloon waterways. Struggling with dated video and audio systems, they were on the lookout for a full-service partner to modernize the video and audio management systems of their lock operations in Salzinnes (Namur). Tein Technology, trusted partner […]

Tein technology, security partner of autonomous port of charleroi – state of the art intelligent vms

he challenge: vandalism and security risks at the Autonomous Port of Charleroi Confronted with ongoing illegal dumping and damaged installations, the Autonomous Port of Charleroi called on Tein Technology to install an intelligent video monitoring system to increase security on their premises. The solution: state-of-the-art intelligent video monitoring system Our professionals developed and installed a […]

Tein Technology brings the new generation of Microsemi NTP & PTP appliances to Telenet and Orange !

As the Microsemi channel partner for the Benelux area, Tein Technology is pleased to announce that we will be supplying both Telenet and Orange with the renowned manufacturer’s new generation of NTP and PTP devices. These two innovative internet providers have decided to combine the key benefits of unconditionally reliable technology with the high-end service […]

New Project Management tool @Tein Technology

Tein Technology works now with Teamwork Projects as Project Management tool to optimize the deployment of complex projects. This new management tool is a real step forward for all collaborators implicated in the implementation of a project and allow all parties to massively increase their productivity and communication on a daily basis.

Building the future of policing in Antwerp

Tein Technology has been chosen by Antwerp Police and its technical consultant Digipolis, for a 10-year partnership to upgrade and maintain the city’s CCTV network. The people of Antwerp will soon benefit from one of the world’s most advanced public security services ! The people of Antwerp will soon benefit from one of the world’s […]

Rijkswaterstaat secures Juliana Canal

SAAB Tein Technology VOF has received an order from Rijkswaterstaat to provide a repeater functionality so that shippers can see each other’s AIS transponders regardless of their respective positions on the Juliana canal. The project has the following faces: Development of the ERA, repeater application; Proof Of Concept in a live test environment, using test […]

Tein Technology was selected by the municipality of Zele

Tein Technology was selected by the municipality of Zele to extend and partially renew the CCTV installation on the public domain. The current video management system will be replaced and will integrate the current installed camera base (52 existing cameras) as well as an extension of 15 new cameras.

Tein Technology – Project Partner Interreg PASSANT

Tein Technology participates in the “PASSAnT” project by applying their Maritime Traffic Management technology for port safety. Ports are important logistical nodes with a large economical value. The Platform for innovative Security Solutions hArbours & Terminals (PASSAnT) aims to secure these areas from criminals while not obstructing nor limiting the operational activities of these ports. […]

Frame contract for CCTV-networks – IOK

This week, Tein Technology was awarded a 1.1 million frame contract for implementing cameras and videosystems in the region of the Kempen. The tender was led by IOK, the local provider of waste services in the region (www.iok.be). IOK recently decided to start up a unit for frame agreements as an additional service to their […]