Innovative traffic management systems

Efficient traffic management heightens the capacity, flow
and safety of road networks.
Traffic data collection and analytics reveal predictive traffic flows
and open the way to traffic modeling and preventive action.


We deliver monitoring platforms designed for accurate detection
and analysis, allowing you to monitor and manage traffic flows in
urban areas, on highways and in tunnels, to identify and track
cut-through driving and overloaded trucks, to dose access and
reroute flows and to initiate other scenario-based preventive
and operational actions.

Our core strengths

Our in-house know-how and experience combined with our proven
relationships with city and state authorities enable us to provide
innovative traffic management systems on scales ranging from
the small to the very large.


Fixed and mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition solutions (ANPR)
Integration of voice, video and data communications
Automatic Incident Detection (AID)
Traffic data collection
Traffic management and enforcement



QUOTE "Tein Technology offers extremely accurate ANPR registration”
Ben Helsen, Roads and Traffic Agency, Flemish Region




NEWSAutomatic number plate recognition can also be used in mobile applications for enforcement and safety. Tein Technology provides a high-quality compact ANPR system for police vehicles.